Trash Reminders

Trash collection is on Monday.  Trash and recycling are on Thursday. Trash cans, trash bags, and recycling bins may NOT be put out before 6:00 P.M. the evening before collection days.  If you will be out of town, ask a neighbor for help, or wait until the next collection day.
Place trash containers across the sidewalk in front of your home, if possible.  Do not put trash in common collection areas, or next to a fire hydrant or mailbox. Help us control litter by cleaning up spilled trash. If your trash/recycling is missed call Trash Away 703-339-4560, or bring it back in your yard.
Trash must be put out in covered trash containers or heavy duty plastic trash bags.  Loose trash is not permitted.  Grocery bags and boxes are not trash cans.  You must remove your trash cans and recycling containers from the curb immediately after the collection days.  Containers left in the common area more than one day will be disposed of at the owner’s risk and expense.
Make sure you write your house number on your trash can, trash can lid, and recycling bin.  Trash containers and recycling bins must be stored inside your home, or in your fenced back yard.  Containers in the front yard, behind your shrubs, or in the side yard are prohibited.
Do not put appliances, yard waste PAINT or construction material at the curb unless you have already made plans to have them removed. They are NOT included in the contract and cost extra $$$ to remove!  Call Trash Away in advance for special pickups. 703-339-4560.
Recycling rules change regularly.  Contact our office, or Fairfax County if you have any questions.  Cardboard boxes must be recycled.  Food containers must be rinsed.  When it doubt, throw it out! 
Thank you for your cooperation!
Click Here to see Example of the proper way to put your trash out for pick up