Snow season is upon us

We have seen a couple dustings of the white stuff so this seems like the time to remind folks about good snow policies. We have
contracted with Titan for snow service, but please note all questions or concerns during snow events should be directed to

  • Do not shovel the snow from behind your car and into the middle the of the street. Snow should be moved to islands or other commonareas. When we shovel snow into the street we prevent the plows from being able to push the snow.
  • ​​As a community, we need to come together and take our snow and shovel it!
  • Help keep sidewalks, bus stops and fire hydrants clear of snow.
  • The county, state, and The Timbers do not clear snow from public sidewalks or trails.
  • Do your part to keep your neighborhood safe for emergency personnel, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Develop a plan with neighbors to help those who can't remove snow.
  • The parking regulations clearly state that spaces cannot be held with objects including chairs, shovels, garbage cans, etc. We all know how hard it is to clear out a spot but unnumbered spots can not be reserved.
  • In areas, in which, we have central mailboxes, please do not pile in front of the mailboxes. The postal service will not be able to deliverthe mail.

Here are the new sand bins. Please contact ECM , if the bin is empty during the season.