Trash dumping in common areas

There has been year to year increase of large item dumping and house gutting in the common areas throughout The Timbers. This can occur at any time but is often now seen at the end of month. The Board continues to try to identify offenders but needs the assistance of all residents to stop this persistent blight on our community. If the dumping continues unabated, the Board will have no other option but to levy special assessments to residents. To prevent this from happening we need your help. If you see someone dumping, please notify East Coast Management immediately so that we can extend the cost directly to the offending residents rather than having to place the burden on the community as a whole..

Remember Trash Away clearly states that they do not take construction waste (toilets, drywall, windows/doors, paint) in the weekly pick-ups. Please do not put this on the curb for normal pick up. If you are doing renovations please make special arrangements for said materials with your contractor, Trash Away, or another trash removal vendor.

If everyone could pick up loose trash they find around the neighborhood. Be sure that your garbage bags are properly tied, and loose materials that can blow around are properly weighed down so they don't blow throughout the property.

The Board has authorized special assessments of $50 for violations of the following trash rules:

  • Trash may be placed out Sunday or Wednesday evening, only. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • All containers must be stored in your back yard.

  • Trash cans or heavy duty trash bags may be used to dispose of garbage. No grocery bags or boxes!

  • Trash containers must be left in front of your own home for collection. Do not pile trash in common collection areas.
        Trash containers left in the common area more than 24 hours will be removed.

Call Trash Away  For pickup of large items (703) 339-4560 such as mattresses & appliances.