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Timbers Newsletter - December 2017

Trash/Dumping in Common Areas

There has been year to year increase of large item dumping and house gutting in the common areas throughout The Timbers. This can occur at any time but is often now seen at the end of month. The Board continues to try to identify offenders but needs the assistance of all residents to stop this persistent blight on our community. If the dumping continues unabated, the Board will have no other option but to levy special assessments to residents. To prevent this from happening we need your help. If you see someone dumping, please notify East Coast Management immediately so that we can extend the cost directly to the offending residents rather than having to place the burden on the community as a whole..

Remember Trash Away clearly states that they do not take construction waste (toilets, drywall, windows/doors, paint) in the weekly pick-ups. Please do not put this on the curb for normal pick up. If you are doing renovations please make special arrangements for said materials with your contractor, Trash Away, or another trash removal vendor.

After the long cold winter and now windy spring, if everyone could pick up loose trash they find around the neighborhood. Be sure that your garbage bags are properly tied, and loose materials that can blow around are properly weighed down so they don't blow throughout the property.

Finally, with the snow now a memory, be sure to scoop the poop that was hiding on lawns…


New Parking Passes Are Here!
The Board will be issuing new parking passes beginning November 26, 2016. You must present your old parking passes and a government issued picture ID to receive your new passes.

If you are a renter, you will also need to bring a copy of your lease or a utility bill with your name on it.

Please be advised that if you lose your parking pass you will be charged $400.00 for a replacement.

**Remember to make it a practice to know where your pass is when you lock and leave your vehicle!**

You will NOT receive a new parking pass if you currently have an overdue balance on your quarterly HOA dues.

Effective December 15, 2016 old passes will become invalid. Any vehicle displaying an old pass will be sub-ject to towing.

If you are towed you will have to contact Dominion Towing and pay the fee to get your vehicle back.
Dominion Towing 703-730-1177

Protect Our Water: Only Rain in the Drain
Click here for Special Notice

Prior Approval is Always Needed for Variances

Please be aware that you may not alter the exterior look of your home without first filling out a variance request. AECC approval is needed prior to doing anyhome repair projects i.e. new windows, siding, a new roof or front door, painting (you must use association approved colors), new deck, fence, landscaping…etc.

All changes/updates must be submitted in writing and approved by the AECC (Architectural/Environmental Control Committee). All exterior home materials such as vinyl, windows, paint color, lighting, etc. should fall within the AECC guidelines or have an approved variance on fi le. Download a request form and review the Timbers Rules and Regulations on our website.

NOTE: White is NOT an approved color in any section of the Timbers, except for original replacement of white gutter and downspout on sections 3 & 4. Remember, all requests for variances must be submitted and approved by the AECC before you start, a process that can take several weeks.

Timbers Trash Policies & Reminders

You must call Trash Away Disposal Services to schedule disposal of all heavy or large items including but not limited to appliances and furniture. There may be a disposal fee required as the HOA does not cover this cost.
Certain items such as tires, paint cans and electronics will not be picked up. To arrange for a pick up of any large items call 703-339- 4560.

• Remember to place trash in heavy duty trash bags or a trash can. Do not place loose items in open boxes or plastic bags.

• Trash must be placed in front of your individual home - not
in common areas. Those residents in violation are now
receiving fines.

• Residents must remove their trash containers from the front of their house within 24 hours after trash pick-up.

• There will be no make-up schedule for missed service due
to weather. Trash, recycling, and yard debris collections will
resume on the next regularly scheduled service day.

• Set recycled trash out only on Thursday mornings. You
must label your trash can, lid, and recycle container with
your house number clearly marked.

Want to join a Timbers Committee?

The Board welcomes resident volunteers who’d like to serve on Timbers Committees. Our residents can do alot to help keep our community safe, clean and operating smoothly.

Contact East Coast Management if interested.

Recreation: Th is committee is responsible for overseeing
any pool concerns and organizing our Annual Community
Clean-up Day.

Parking: This committee is responsible for conducting parking
surveys and determining pass usage.

AECC: The Architectural and Environmental Control (AECC) Committee meets as needed to discuss and review homeowner applications for exterior updates.

Neighborhood Watch: Consider volunteering as a Block Captain for your neighborhood. Your time would help support our neighborhood watch for any community concerns or violations, as detailed in the Timbers by-laws, providing helpful information to neighbors, and feedback to the association. If you are interested, please contact East Coast Management.

Become a Board Member: The Timbers Board consists of
seven community homeowners in good standing who oversee
a wide variety of community affairs, managing the Timbers
budget, and working with our management company.
There are potential openings coming up this summer, so if you
would like to take an active role in community affairs, you are
welcome to attend our next meeting in April and meet the
current members.

Help! My car was towed!

If your car was towed, call Dominion Towing: 703-730-1177 • 8474 Terminal Road, Lorton, VA 22079
(Click here for map & Directions)

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